Woman Wants Neighbor’s Daughter To Dress Appropriately As She Overheard Her Son Saying “She Is Cute”.

We all are God’s beautiful creation. One must respect each other no matter what their gender, colour or nationality is. In this story a neighbour received a letter from one of their neighbours. Read the whole what the letter says and let us know what you would do.

Source: Reddit

Dear neighbor

I was recently informed that you are not Mexican, but Indian. I am not racist and wish for all kinds to love and be loved. But I would like to inform you that we, citizens …. off pay taxes to live on this land and you do not. There are Indian reservation held for your people where you are welcome and appreciated. This is not your place. you are not welcome in this neighborhood. I kindly suggest, with the best of intentions, that you consider moving back in a place where you really belong.


I overheard a conversation with my son and his friend and said that he thinks your daughter is “Cute”. I highly suggest that you tell your daughter not to dress inappropriately as it is confusing my son and possibly his friends. I do not think it is “cute” at all. it is sin for your daughter to dress this way.

Please tell your daughter if she expresses any interest in my son or any other young man in this neighborhood, that interracial dating or marriage is sin and punished by God and highly discourage. I have told the same to my child. She would be better off finding a young man in a reservation who is also Indian, she will be way happier. I believe you would be better you and your family going back to a reservation with your people. For the well-being of you and your family


A neighbor

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