Woman was taken aback after discovering a ‘figure of Jesus Christ in a clementine.’

A lady who believes to have seen a crucified Jesus Christ in the pith of her clementine has described the find as a supernatural indication that she was “doing the right thing.”

Jamie Thomas, 45, was contemplating a significant move from Belfast, Northern Ireland, to Catterick, North Yorkshire, which would see her settle in, marry, and start a new career all in the same week, when she received what she thought was a message from above.

On her lunch break, the mother-of-five peeled away at her snack, only to discover the silhouette of a ‘small guy’ – who appeared to be hanging from a cross – in the orange.

She stated that the fruit discovery had made her feel more at ease with the monumental choice.

Jamie met her 48-year-old husband Daniel when she was a teenager, but the couple didn’t start dating until 2014, despite being ‘best friends’ for a long time.

They had been in a long-distance relationship for around four years at the time.

Jamie ‘bit the bullet’ and chose to move to live with him in 2018 after years of traveling back and forth.

The ‘sweet’ finding, according to the former special needs teaching assistant, provided some confidence amid the ‘crazy’ period.

Before the clementine-shaped benediction, she stated that “doubts were going through her brain.”

Their coworker just laughed about it as they were like, that’s obviously a sign that she was doing the correct thing, she continued.

Jamie, who was startled, swiftly shot a photo of the freshly peeled fruit and forwarded it to pals on Snapchat.

She was raised in Northern Ireland, is a member of the Church of Ireland, and was religious as a child, Jamie explained.

To be honest, as she got older, she started to become more religious again. She doesn’t attend church, yet she believes in God.

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