Woman Who Has Been In A Coma For Last 31 Yrs Dies.

After more than three decades in a coma after a tragic Christmas Eve automobile tragedy in 1991, a grieving husband has verified his wife’s death.

Miriam Visintin, of Riese, Veneto, died on May 10 in the San Bassiano hospital, where she had been sent two months before due to fluid accumulation in her lungs.

She had been in a coma since wrecking her Fiat Panda on Christmas Eve 1991 in Casoni di Mussolente, Veneto, resulting in an incurable brain damage.

Angelo Farina, Miriam’s husband of 33 years, remarked following her death from heart arrest that she ultimately found peace for her injustice. She’s finally up there in peace and bliss.

They had barely been married a year and a half when tragedy struck, he added. They were so young, with so many projects, that destiny was terrible to her. She didn’t deserve it all.

Miriam went into a coma after suffering major brain injuries in a 1991 collision in which her automobile lost control on an icy surface and collided with a pole.

It was to be the couple’s second Christmas together after marrying in 1990, after meeting and falling in love at a nightclub in Mussolente a few years prior.

Doctors warned Angelo that his wife would most likely not survive the night.

He was devoted, saying that when he married her, he pledged to stick by her through thick and thin.

Miriam was first sent to the La Madonnina residential facility for life-sustaining treatment.

She was then transported to Casa Sturm, where she remained until she was transferred to San Bassiano due to a pleural effusion.

Her spouse stated he went to the hospital every day, frequently multiple times a day, with the exception of the epidemic.

He went every day for at least 15 minutes during his lunch break. He managed to attend even in the evenings on occasion, as he told following the burial on Saturday.

He remarked that if he could go back in time, he would do it all over again.

Angelo told that he was determined to be there next to her, forever, till the rest of her days.

It was quite tough, he said. It’s a difficult condition to accept. He was filled with rage. Such a lovely, nice, and exceptional young lady should not have died in that manner.

Friends and family held Miriam’s funeral on Tuesday morning in the parish church of her hometown.

‘What struck me a lot, in addition to the tragedy of a vegetative life that lasted 31 years, is the closeness of her husband, perpetuated in daily gestures of love for so long. said the mayor of Cassola.

‘In a very self-centered world, this example gives reason to believe that humanity still exists.’

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