Woman With Full-Time Job Called ‘Lazy’ For Refusing To Pack Weekly Lunches For Husband’s Colleagues.

It is never polite to call someone a name. It’s extremely cruel when you’re in a relationship. Read the story to know why a disagreement took place between the couple. How would you handle such a situation? Any advice.

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To start off I love cooking and since me and my husband had gotten married earlier this year one of my ways of expressing affection towards him is by making packed lunches. I also try out different cuisines every week or so depending on how I feel. I usually wake up quite early to prepare his lunches because I also work full time.

Getting to the point, my husband’s colleagues eventually started taking notice and my husband capitalised on that opportunity because one of them is a manager and my husband was finding a way to coax him in hopes of getting a better position at work. However the problem arises when without my permission he went ahead and spoke on my behalf that I will pack lunches for them too.

When he came back home and told me I was quite disappointed because even though I love making lunches for him, for his colleagues ( people I dont even know) it seemed exhausting. Moreover it is not just for one person which he initially had me believed but rather 5 OF HIS COLLEAGUES. I tried it out for one day to make my husband happy, I had to wake up at 3:30 ish that day because my own work starts at 8. I was almost late for work and had to rush through everything. It was not a pleasant experience.

Long story short however, that day I made thai packed lunches ( I made green curry, tom yum flavored wings, prawn fritters and thai fried rice) and they all enjoyed it. Now my husband is thinking of making it a weekly thing where every week I make a different cuisine for them for any one of the weekdays. Although that may seem “easy” I don’t want to do it anymore. I do like sharing the food I make but I don’t want it to feel like a chore. My husband however thinks I’m the jerk because he mentions that it is only once per week and that I’m just being lazy. Well he is not wrong I am lazy but I also just dont want to make food for his colleagues. The lunches I make are for my husband to enjoy.

For some reason my husband thinks I’m being unreasonable and that I don’t support him because by doing this he believes they will be more inclined to give him a raise or a promotion or even a recommendation at work. I just find it pretentious that he has to depend on the food I make for a promotion. I am sure that he can get a promotion by his own merit because he is a very smart and accomplished man himself. I feel kind of torn between the idea of whether to continue making lunches ONLY for him or whether I should take that extra effort and make one, once every week for his colleagues too. Besides the money to make these lunches (even if only once a week) comes from my pocket too which still if we add all 4 times in a month would be a fair too much just for food. So, I’m in the middle of a shitstorm and need some advice on if I’m wrong? Please don’t be afraid to criticize. Thank you for your time in advance. Here are a few comments on the story where it was originally posted: 

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