Woman Working For Step-Dad Never Thought This Would Have Happen At Work.

Every human being, whether a boy or a girl, deserves to be treated with love and respect. However some individuals find it ok to degrade a woman which is truly incorrect. Women all throughout the world are capable of doing everything they set their minds to. This story is a perfect example. Read the story and share your views on this.

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I (F20) have been interested in woodworking since I was 12 and from 15 I was helping out at my stepdad’s business. First it was just cleaning, holding, bringing things but later I became pretty much a full employee outside studies.

Last month was busy so I took what seemed like simpler contracts or orders to do myself. One of those was making new and replacing some balcony fence planks. I talked with the customer on the phone beforehand and later went there to take measurements and other details.

When I first came, he didn’t look exactly pleased, asking me if there’s someone else coming later. I had that happen before, I have no problem with this. I tried to lighten the mood by saying “How hard can using a tape measure and a drill be?”

Also said that he hopes the measures will be correct and then asked if I’ll be the one doing the actual planks and replacement too. I answered most probably.

Few days later, I went to actually replace the planks.

He didn’t say much at first, since the planks were good. But then he started nagging like “you’re holding it wrong” (I wasn’t), “you’re making a mess here” (with the old ones rotten into oblivion). All while basically breathing down my neck. That was tolerable still, what wasn’t was him saying “you said you can do I yourself!” or “see, why trades are man dominated?” when I asked him to hold or hand me something.

When I finished, he told me it wasn’t half bad but it could be better and faster. Like excuse me, the size – match, lining, distances – good and match, paint – good. Why did it take longer? Almost as if there was something to speed it up a little. I asked if he sees any particular problem so I can fix it. He said no, just that a “normal” woodworker would do it faster.

I just lost it and said “Well I repaired your f^&%ing fence, that makes me a woodworker enough, or not, because women can’t be in trades? Why didn’t you do it yourself, if I shouldn’t do trade jobs in the first place?!”

He told me to respect elders and not to raise voice for customers but you know, I can tolerate only so much. Did I Overreact? 

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