Woman Writes About Her Mother-In-Law On FB Gets A Huge Applaud.

Story by Shelby Spear

This beautiful woman gave life to the guy I’ve spent 30+ years with. I knew she was a special soul after the first “meet the parents” event when the hubs and I were dating. We celebrated her 81st birthday last week. Can you believe how incredible she looks!

As a young 23 yo. standing on the altar, I had no clue how vital a role my mother-in-law would have in our life as a married couple and ultimately a family of five. To this day, she remains a light post of love & generosity and wins the prize for being our biggest cheerleader & prayer warrior.

But it’s who she is to me personally that moves me to tears. From day one, she scooped me up & loved me like her own. Even when I stood by her son’s side during our engagement and had to tell her I was, um, pregnant and the wedding was still five weeks away. Gah. Although I can’t remember what she said, I remember like yesterday how she made me feel: unconditionally loved and accepted. Her non-judgment and kind embrace immediately snuffed out all the anxiety screaming through my veins.

After giving birth to all 3 of our kiddos, she showed up and showered me with grace in the form of selfless service. Washing laundry, cooking meals, cleaning up, and of course, loving on her grandbabies with abundance. Never once did she question my parenting. Never once did she insert herself in our marriage. She’s always been a beautiful presence and source of encouragement and inspiration. These qualities stem from her desire to listen and empathize.

When my guy accepts me for who I am and loves me unconditionally, that’s his mom’s influence. When my guy chooses to forgive, that’s his mom’s influence. When my guy selflessly helps others at the drop of a hat, that’s his mom’s influence. When my guy loves on our kids and shows up in their lives, that’s his mom’s influence. When my guy prays his heart out for our family, that’s his mom’s influence. And on and on and on…

I married one man and received the gift of his upbringing. What a blessing. I’m pretty certain I hit the jackpot with my mother-in-law, which explains why I hit the jackpot with my spouse. That kind of love runs deep. Thanks, Mom I love you ❤️ 

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