Woman’s Genius Way To Make Him Beg After He Misleads Her In A Relationship.

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Source: Reddit

In a nutshell, was seeing a guy who I met randomly through a friend. He’s asked me on multiple dates and I have straightforwardly told him that I’m not looking for just a hook-up, to which he assured me that his intentions were different that he felt like this could go somewhere.

Fast-forward a month of us going on dates, talking, him being the perfect gentlemen, we sleep together and two days later I get hit with a “I’ve realized I’m not ready for anything serious right now and I want to be transparent with you, let’s keep it casual”

Bullsh*t. How convenient.

So I’ve decided not to be an adult and play his game. I pretended to be confused but then said that it’s better for us both this way. He immediately called me and started asking why to which i responded “well i realised i don’t want anything serious with YOU”, which made him go insane. It’s been a week and he’s calling me everyday wanting to spend time with me, trying to make me want him apparently.

So he has practically begged me into meeting him again to talk since I seem “to be confused about us”. INTERESTING. I was contemplating whether it’s actually worth it to give any time of day but the inner devil has successfully won so I went. I won’t lie I had a plan of what i’ll say in case he starts to lie and manipulate again but then it turned out even better… long-story short, he started telling me how we still should see each other; how “casual” is a very ambiguous term and it doesn’t mean i’m not important to him but then i interrupted his bullsh*t and proceeded to THANK HIM.

I said I’m thankful that he, unlike me, found the strength to be honest about the fact that we’re clearly incompatible and shouldn’t waste each others time. I said I was afraid to tell him that all along because i didn’t want to hurt his feelings but i’m so glad he had the guts to bring it up so we can finally move on to see other people that we actually enjoy spending time with. I said I was very relieved the first time he said that despite being confused. His reaction was priceless, I might as well have splashed my coffee into his face, it was so sour. Best lie for revenge of my life, it felt good.

He has now sent me a loooong text about how he feels everything was a huge miscommunication and that “we” (lol) deserve another chance.

My reply to his message – ‘please stop contacting me its starting to make me uncomfortable and I’d like to just focus on the other people I’m seeing’

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