Woman’s Perfect Reaction When Her Co-Workers Stalked & Spread False Rumours.

Source: Reddit

I work a heavy labour job with a 95% male population. My workplace has a “zero tolerance” sexual harassment policy. But when push comes to shove, apparently that’s not true. The men at my work are ruthless. I’ve heard so many sexual comments from people I’ve never spoken to before, I’ve lost count. Imagine the most vulgar statement you can think of, I’ve heard worse. But I let it slide, it doesn’t bother me.

However; I’ve been stalked by this guy, James. He parked beside my car everyday so he could walk into work with me, and leave work with me. He would follow me after work to figure out what my routine was. Whatever, I ignored it (probably should have kept it documented though). I’m a very outgoing person at work and know just about everyone. A few of my friends said James was telling them I sent him naked photos, his friend Muhammad chimed in he’s seen them and it’s “100% true”.

Well, that was the last straw and I reported him to human resources. Nothing came out of it other than a slap on the wrist (the manager told me to wear baggier clothing and have thicker skin). However, a lot of the other females at work told me they’re having the same problem with these two men and work is doing nothing about it.

Well now James and Muhammad have a God complex and have been showing naked photos to anyone they can saying it’s me (which I’ve explained to many people who have come up to me that it’s not me because I’m covered in tattoos, so unless that girl has all the same tattoos, it’s not me. I also don’t take naked photos). They go out of their way to bully me for “snitching on them” like little kids. Well, after a few months of this, and knowing other girls are in the same boat, I had enough. I could report them AGAIN but I doubt anything will come of it.

So I had an idea. A few nights ago I was driving home and they sped past me at the speed of light, honking their horns, high beaming me, etc.

So I went home and gave an anonymous tip to the police because this happens five days of the week. The police caught them the next day. Fined for stunt driving. License suspended, cars impounded for seven days and need to go to court. Work is a long commute from our town, they have no way of getting to work and after seven call in’s, you’re fired. Now, they can reflect at home with no job, no license (or increased insurance), about how karma is a b*tch!

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