Woman’s Perfect Response To An Abusive Relationship.

He put his hands on me. He restrained me when I said no. He pinned me to the bed by my neck when I fought back, and looked me dead in the eye to ask “is this what you want?”. I decided no, got up, took my keys, wallet, and phone and walked out the door.

This was the moment it took for me to realize enough is enough, and it will never get better. No more guessing if I’ve done something wrong, no more crushing guilt for doing normal things like going out on my own or visiting family without him. No more fear of the fight waiting for me at home.

I called my family, 2 hours away, and they mobilized immediately. No questions other than “are you safe right now?”. All of my belongings were out of the apartment in an hour as I sat in the locked van. I found out after that in addition to my clothes, computer, and toiletries, my dad decided to take the last pack of toilet paper.

I’m so grateful. I have family that immediately came to help me. I have friends who support me. I have shelter and comfort. I am so, so lucky.

Source: Reddit

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