Woman’s Quick Action Saves Baby Kangaroo From It’s Dead Mother.

In Thebarton, Australia, 32-year-old Lauren Wagner was on her way home with her friend, Sarah, when they spotted a dead kangaroo in the road. Lauren stopped her car and carefully walked over to check on the animal. It was most certainly dead. But she could also see there was movement inside the dead animal. So she checked the kangaroo’s pouch, and inside it she found a joey, or baby kangaroo.

Says Lauren: “I had to be gentle because it was pretty tightly packed in there. It was hard to get it out – I got both my hands in there and put it around the whole joey.”

Lauren and Sarah wrapped the tiny roo in a warm blanket and immediately took it to a rescue expert named Sibylle in Happy Valley. Sibylle took it in and took care of it, and also made it a replacement pouch so it could feel comfortable, like it was still with its mother. Once it’s big enough and strong enough, which is usually between 7 and 10 months old, it will be released with others of its kind. 

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Posted by Lauren Wagner on Sunday, 19 August 2018

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