‘Women only have themselves to blame if they don’t look as good as me’

What images come to mind when you think of a typical grandmother? Powdery perfume, knitting needles, and long plaid skirts are our go-tos.

Andrea Sunshine, despite being a grandmother herself, is doing everything she can to distance herself from these stereotypes. The 53-year-old Londoner works out at least six times a week and claims that younger guys are continuously falling at her feet.

She remarked that if women are unhappy with anything, they can only accuse themselves. Women who worry about appearing elderly have only themselves to blame and should focus on working out more. It all comes down to mindset and decisions. Workouts promote both physical and emotional health.

Andrea’s regular workouts run at least three hours, and she’s always changing up her regimen to push her body to its limits, whether that’s performing 150kg hip thrusts or 90kg squats.

Andrea became a bodybuilder later in life after realizing her interest for fitness while going through a divorce. She has a cool 123,000 Instagram followers.

She concluded that after many years of being alone struggling to figure out who she was and what she is here for, she has succeeded. She is ready to give her heart to someone intriguing and enthusiastic once more.

Andrea, naturally, claims she’s been flooded with messages from admirers on social media but only if they have grey hair.

She explained that she can’t be fake; getting attention from young males drives her on, makes her proud of her physique, and serves as fuel for her ego, making her feel powerful and confident.

However, she has never been particularly drawn to boys, preferring to date adult men. She adores people with grey hair. She has less experience with young males than she has with older individuals. However, if the conversation went well, she wouldn’t exclude a younger man.

Andrea in her words, “The bottom line between us is about the chemistry, it’s not about ages, it’s a question of how comfortable you are with who you are with.”

In her perspective, older males are more concerned with women’s needs. The young males are more concerned about themselves, even if they are usually fresher and sexier.

Andrea’s normal day begins with a protein shake for breakfast, a high-carb lunch, and a protein-based dinner. During the summer, she sticks to a raw diet and never consumes food that has been cooked over 116°C.

She remarked, flat out burpees are a terrific go-to activity for a short, tough workout. These, together with ski abs and touchdown lunges, will make your quads burn in seconds. Push-up shoulder taps also work your upper body strength and balance.

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