Women Overheard Men Talking About How Bad Their Wives Were In Bed.

Disrespecting your spouse is not right. Talking bad about them behind their back is not only a sign of weak character but also how they value people in general. (Thanks Olivia for sharing this story with us through our page).

Source: Reddit

I just came back from a dinner with a friend (both of us are women). We went too place kind of like Buffalo Wild Wings so granted there’s a bunch of guys there drinking beer and catching up with their friends. We sat down next to this group of guys, probably 4 or 5 guys and I wasn’t really paying any mind to them until I started hearing some not okay things about their wives.

These guys are probably all in their 30s and they were going on and on about their wives in bed, how they’re not as hot as they used to be before kids & one of them was talking about how he wanted to hook up with a coworker and it wasn’t in the “I’m confiding in my friends for help” kind of way, they sounded like a bunch of loser frat boys. The conversation was just absolutely disgusting and it made me feel so bad for who ever has to go home to those men, those women deserve to much better especially after the fact that they gave those losers children.

They were all also some mediocre looking men. You would think that by the way they were talking about their wives they would look like Jason Momoa or Henry Cavill but they all looked like Spencer and Doug from the king of queens. My question is also why? That’s your wife, your partner, mother of your kids why do men do this? It’s so low & ignorant.

I just had to get on here and rant because I couldn’t imagine the person you love talking about you and your looks & weight behind your back to his stupid buddies cause I’m sure they don’t look the same way they did when they first got with their wives back then either.

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