‘Worst actor ever’: Amber Heard accused of FAKING IT on the stand as sleuths say there were no tears

On Wednesday, May 4, Amber took the stand as she stated that ex-husband Johnny Depp physically ill-treated her comprising slapping her on numerous instances and doing a cavity search of her body for drugs. Though, several weren’t influenced of her testimony and blamed her of faking tears during the trial.

Amber affirmed for the first time in the dramatic denouncement case taken on by Depp. She said they had a fairy-tale bond until it turned ferocious.

Amber said Depp’s first physical outbreak occurred after she asked him what was printed on one of his dull tattoos. When Depp said Wino, she giggled assuming it was a joke. She then said that he slapped her and she did not understand what was going on and she just watched at him. However, Depp has earlier testified he certainly not hit her and in fact she was the abuser in the association.

#AmberHeard goes into detail about the first time she claims she was physically assaulted by #JohnnyDepp.

Posted by Perez Hilton on Thursday, 5 May 2022

Amber wept and stays cool at several pauses and said that she stayed with Depp since she sought to trust his confessions and promises that he would never hit her. Though, she blamed him of attacking her more than a few occasions when he was under the effect of drugs or liquor.

Amber described a 2013 event when Depp supposedly ripped her outfit, torn off her undergarments and pushed his fingers inside her. She claimed that Depp continues to do a cavity search as he was looking for his drugs. Amber’s psychologist attested previously in the hearing that she had told him about the event.

Amber Heard Gets Emotional Talking About Johnny Depp Allegedly Cavity Searching Her

Watch: Amber Heard got emotional while talking about Johnny Depp allegedly cavity searching her for cocaine.

Posted by Law & Crime on Wednesday, 4 May 2022

However, Amber’s sensitive testament was torn on social media with several accusing her that she was forging her tears.

One YouTuber said that she is the worst actor ever and this false illogical enactment is disgusting. Poet Joseph Massey said that he watched a little of the Amber Heard testimony and cannot believe how does someone cry without tears?

Another Twitter user wrote that her fake acting is even inferior to her performance in Aquaman. Another one said that seeing Amber Heard trying her best to squeeze out one tear and added that haven’t seen such a bad acting.  

Somebody also responded that this lady has wept without tears then went back to being okay and now she’s talking like she’s in a movie.

Someone else commented that no wonder Depp was the one who got her the Aquaman role and said that this joker is awkward as she can’t act to save her life. The comment further reads that she been trying to shed a single tear for hours and still miserably failed.

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