WORST NIGHTMARE: Teen with no history of drug abuse killed by fentanyl: What everyone should know

17 year old California schoolboy found dead from a then-unknown cause. In 2020, Zach Didier’s parents found him collapsed over his desk. Officials reportedly suggested that fentanyl poisonings could be the cause of Zach’s sudden death. 

Zach’s mother, Laura Didier said that she originally had no clue how such a strong opiate found its way into her household. She said that her teenage son was a high school senior and had no past records with abusing drugs or liquor. She further added that it was a complete blow to the family when Zach was found at his desk and died two days after Christmas of 2020.

Later, it was revealed that Zach acquired what he thought to be an oxycodone pill via Snapchat and swallowed it.  

Laura Didier said that when the experts arrived, there were no pills in his room and neither there was any damage to his body. So it was a genuine secret why he would be passed on. She added that sadly, in our nation there was a big uptick in fentanyl demises, so the coroner’s office was the first one to advise it was fentanyl.

Fentanyl was mainly made as a constituent of intravenous painkillers for chronic ache but it later transformed into an unlawful recreational pills. It is an opiate much robust than morphine.

Dr. Marc Siegel, NYU-Langone medical doctor of internal medication described the twofold difficulty of rising international trafficking lobbies in Mexico and the fact folks think they’re receiving one thing and getting somewhat different and fentanyl is frequently taken unassumingly. Dr. Siegel added that the high influence of unadulterated fentanyl will stop a human being from inhalation.

Dr. Siegel suggests parents to observe what their youths are doing with social media, to have a chat with them about it and look for abrupt ups and downs in activities. He said that the emotional health calamity currently because of the pandemic, is openly knotted into the substance misuse problem.

Dr. Siegel added additional powerful opioid being smuggled from Mexico is Isotonitazene, or “Iso”, which is 100 times stronger than fentanyl.

Mrs. Didier subsequently added that her son was like many teens of his phase, but possibly anxious over the recent COVID lockdowns and the compressions of senior year. She said that like every single youth, it wasn’t out of the norm for this life-threatening incident. She spoke to Zach’s friends and they said that he was joyful and doing great but they even did not realised what he was going through.  

Zach’s mother said that it just revealed her what an information gap there was and she actually want to try to plug-in by spreading awareness.

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