“You Only Hear Bad Things About Cops On Facebook That’s Why I’m Posting This Reminding You Not All Cops Are Unfair Or Mean.”

“So Gary and I are sitting at zips eating when we see two cops walk out with their food and start walking across the parking lot towards dutch bros. First we think they are going to go sit at the table outside on the corner and eat, then they pass it walking to the corner where there is a homeless man sitting with a sign. The food was for him, we watched them drive down division, spot the man, turn around and go inside to buy him food.

Facebook/Jamie Higgins

You only hear bad things about cops on Facebook that’s why I’m posting this reminding you not all cops are unfair or mean. We did think they were going to ask him to leave but we were so surprised by this act of kindness we hopped out of the car just to get a better look. Sad to think we are surprised to see kindness because we expect selfishness in the works every day.”

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