Young entrepreneur went from being homeless to owning his own franchise outlet in a year.

The economy is currently not being nice to the majority of individuals. Many young individuals are out of work, and others are homeless.

But this young man’s remarkable tale demonstrates that if one is prepared to put in the effort, one can conquer any adversity.

Chris Williams is a 26-year-old Chicago native. The young man desired a great career and chose to attend Finance School in Phoenix, Arizona.

But he quickly discovered himself out of work. He even went so far as to relocate to Miami, Florida in order to improve his chances of finding a regular wage. He saw himself sleeping in his car, bathing at the local gym, and going through cleaners.

He was homeless for four months and lived in his car. But then he found a job as an Automotive Finance Manager and was paid a six-figure income! His new life ambition was to accumulate enough funds to buy a Subway franchise. In just ten months, he gathered $120,000 to start his ambition.

Fourteen months after becoming a homeless man, Chris created history by becoming Atlanta’s youngest African-American Subway franchise owner.

Chris has always wanted to be a business owner. Even when he was forced to live in his car due to financial difficulties, he studied books to expand his business skills. He was focused and driven!

Now, thanks to his hard work, he has realized his ambition, and in such a short period of time! Not many individuals throughout their entire life are able to realize ambitions like this.

But this simply demonstrates how hard effort can lead one someplace one never thought possible!

We are really proud of Chris Williams and the inspiration he has set for other young individuals his age by accomplishing his goals! If you work hard enough, you can achieve any objective.

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