Young mom dies in car crash while doing extra job to provide for her 2 toddlers – rest in peace

Sunshine Nicole Williams and her husband Drake Williams resided in Lexington, North Carolina, with their 2 kids. After being together since middle school, the pair appeared to have a picture-perfect life.

Sunshine had a bright and lively attitude, and she had a lot of friends who adored her, according to her mother Teresa Lane.

Sunshine married the guy she had loved since middle school, and they had two lovely girls together, Kaylee and Malakia.

She was a fantastic parent, buddy, mother, and daughter, she loved everybody, her mother said of her daughter. She was the sun.

Sunshine, who would have been 22 on September 23rd, was a full-time mother. But she desired to contribute to their little family’s costs and chose to take on an extra job that she could undertake on weekends. She began working as a food delivery worker, accompanying her differently-abled brother on deliveries.

On Saturday, September 17, 2022, the brother and sister combo took off in a 2006 Toyota Scion. Sunshine was driving, and the two anticipated it to be another routine day of food delivery.

However, they had no idea that disaster was just around the corner. Driving north on US 29, a 2002 Chevrolet Silverado skidded off the road and then overcorrected. As a result, it crashed with Sunshine’s automobile, which was headed south at the moment.

Joshua Anderson, 26, was recognized as the truck driver and asked about how the vehicle accident occurred. While Anderson first stated that he saw a tire tread or a plastic bag on the road that he was attempting to avoid, he subsequently admitted that he may have distracted his focus to his phone for a second but couldn’t recall what had occurred.

Sunshine, 21, died instantly as a result of the fatal vehicle accident. Her brother John, who was in the passenger seat, amazingly escaped with just minor injuries.

Both John and the truck driver, Anderson, were brought to the hospital and examined for their wounds. Sunshine’s family was in disbelief when they learned of the vehicle accident and her death. She didn’t think it was genuine, she simply assumed it wasn’t her child, her mother stated.

The revelation shocked the family to its core. Sunshine was still nursing one of her kids and had abandoned both of them, as well as her distraught husband.

She will never be able to embrace her beautiful daughter again and tell her how much she loves her. Her daughter was the best person to all and the most incredible mom and wife. Her mom feels breathless and completely devastated, her mother added.

The family established a GoFundMe campaign to assist with funeral expenses. They set a goal of $10,000, and over $8,000 has already been donated, with donations still coming in.

Sunshine’s death has devastated her friends and family. On Facebook, Hailey Mize paid homage to her late buddy, writing, “Sweet Sunshine.” Nichole Williams, she left them far too soon. She’s seen her grow into such a lovely mother and wife. Her friendship was a true gift. Heaven now has an angel.

Others, on the other hand, wished her a happy birthday early.  Another well-wisher, Candra Lee expressed “Happy almost birthday sweet angel. You were an incredible daughter, sister, friend, wife, and mother. My heart is broken for your family, especially those babies… we love you forever.”

The family has created a GoFundMe page to assist gather funds for the young widower who is now accountable for caring for both of his children on his own. At the moment, just $1,300 of the $20,000 target has been received.

A number of Sunshine’s lifelong friends are creating this fundraising in order to offer financial help to her new widower as he prepares to care for these two tiny kids while also mourning the death of his wife, according to the GoFundMe description.

Sunshine’s family has arranged a tribute for her on September 22, 2022. Her husband asked individuals to wear respectful but colorful dress on Facebook, adding, he asked that clothing be decent and formal, dark or brilliant colors. He believes she wouldn’t want a gloomy room when she is truly the personification of light. Thank you very much for everything.

It’s painful to think that this family will have to continue on without such an important member of their lives. We are sending them our love and support to help them get through this difficult time.

Please share this story so that others can pray for and provide strength to this family.

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