Young mother who was blessed with quadruplets just weeks after adopting four foster kids. Congratulations!

Maxine and Jake Young married in Pennsylvania in May 2016, and they couldn’t wait to have a family. Maxine desired to have her own children, but she also desired to provide a home and a family for children in need, so adoption was on her radar.

Jacob was entirely on board and liked the thought of having a house filled with lots of love and joy, maybe a little bit of mayhem too! says Jacob’s mother, ArLette Young, in a GoFundMe campaign she set up to aid her son’s family.

Maxine and Jake Young began foster care training in February after only a few months of marriage. Following the training and several more stages, they were permitted to begin placements in June.

A month later, the couple received a notification that a sibling group of three kids, aged 4, 2, and 11 months, needed a home. A few weeks later, they went to the hospital to pick up their newborn baby sister.

It was not simple. Every child is unique and has unique requirements. According to Jacob’s mother on GoFundMe, the new parents had to deal with an Autism diagnosis, a lot of trauma to endure, and other problems.

Simultaneously, Maxime and Jacob were not giving up on their ambition of having biological kids, but the trip was not without difficulties. Maxine endured repeated miscarriages and chemical pregnancies, necessitating IVF and an IUI.

After much difficulty, they were blessed with their son, Henry, in October 2018.

The family was now complete… or was it?

Maxine noticed something was wrong with her body a few weeks after the adoption was confirmed. She was pregnant once more!

She had no idea she could become pregnant without IVF or IUI, which they had to do with their son. Maxine stated she remembered emailing her husband and saying, “Oh my God.”

The couple was overjoyed and astonished, but they had no idea that the surprising part was still in store for them.

Maxine says on Instagram that as soon as the doctor began the scan, Maxine saw she had a shocked expression on her face. When one glanced at the screen, one could see three pregnancy sacs, all around the same size, as well as yolk sacs and even fetal poles. “Wow, it seems like there are three kids developing in there!” she said. Maxine began uncomfortably chuckling and was really taken aback. She asked the doctor if everything seemed normal and whether the babies were measuring well, which they were at 6 weeks. She had another scan planned for the following week.

Maxine gave birth to four adorable kids weighing between three and four pounds on July 31, after 32 weeks of pregnancy. Silas Ledger, Theo Alexander, Beck Killian, and Cecilia Hudson were chosen.

Meeting the infants was an unforgettable experience. All of the challenges of the preceding few months were instantly gone, the agony and worry didn’t matter, everything they had been through was worth it at that moment, writes Maxine on Facebook.

Fortunately, they’re all doing pretty well, and they’re quite grateful, adds a delighted Maxine.

I wish this courageous and kind mother and her lovely family all the best. This couple will experience difficult challenges, but they will be able to conquer them because of their love for each other and their nine kids.

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