Young Woman Says She Discovered She Was Pregnant Even Though She Was a Virgin

During her initial adolescent years, Nicole Moore, from Portsmouth in England, realised that she could not pull-out a tampon and understood that something might be wrong.  

Moore went to the hospice for an examination but medics told her that all was okay. She tried having sex with her boyfriend when she was 18 but the duo was failed in their efforts. She could not know why this was happening since every time, it felt like her partner was hitting a wall.

After that, she went back to the hospice to complain but yet again, the medics told her all was okay after she was re-examined.

Moore and her beau discovered other intimate methods of having fun as their efforts to have sex were ineffective. Besides not having sex the conventional manner, the whole thing else appeared okay till Moore observed somewhat bizarre happening to her body.

She was at work when she underway feeling very bad stomach ache and saw her breasts were aching. She described how she was feeling to her manager, who happens to be her dear friend and aware of her condition. The manager told that it seems like she was pregnant due to her symptoms.

Moore did not believe since there was no way she could be expectant as she was still a virgin and had not once had sex. Though, she was told that it is very much possible.

She did a pregnancy test during the lunch break and it turn out positive. She was muddled and anxious since if having sex was so problematic, how would she be able to give birth?

It was tough for her to get the doctors believe that even though she was expecting but she was still a virgin in the course of her pregnancy. She would often have her boyfriend go together with her for appointments to explain to doctors that they did not have sex.

Moore once went for an examination and the nurse trying to do the internal check-up had some trouble carrying out the process.

Moore tried explaining the nurse that she was still a virgin but she did not rely on it. Moore believed she would certainly not get anyone to trust her up until four months into her pregnancy when she comes across a student medic in the course of one of her regular examinations. She told the student medic of her situation and he responded that she was possibly suffering from Vaginismus.

Moore went back home and explored the symptoms on internet and could not trust what she saw. After years of probing for causes, she had eventually found that she was suffering from a medical disorder.

After her finding, she was referred to an expert who would assist her to reduce the disorder. With the expert’s help, Moore could finally lose her virginity five months into her pregnancy.

Moreover, she delivered her baby girl without any problems. Moore, now 29, hopes that her maternity journey will lure attention toward Vaginismus and avoid other young females from being misjudged.  

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