A 4-yr-old is dying of cancer. Her family is asking for help to celebrate her last birthday.

Delaney Krings, 4, of Pewaukee, Wisconsin, is approaching her fifth birthday on December 16, and her parents know it may be her last — and individuals from all over the world are assisting her celebrate.

Delaney was diagnosed with fatal brain cancer on October 31, 2022. Doctors at Milwaukee’s Children’s Hospital informed her parents she had six to eight weeks to live.

Her form of cancer is highly diffuse, Delaney’s mother, Heather Krings, 43, explained. There is no treatment. Because it has already infiltrated so many vital sections of her brain, radiation would inflict much more harm and negative consequences.

When Delaney’s family and friends learned of her condition, one proposed a card drive to commemorate Delaney’s big birthday. The word quickly went across their town and subsequently throughout the world.

Sharon Tomlinson, a family friend, organized the card drive, according to Krings, who adds that local news stations helped spread the word. Her office has offered to serve as their post office box. They’re getting hundreds and hundreds of them.

Delaney enjoys looking at her cards, but grows weary after four or five at a time, according to Krings.

“It’s overwhelming he’s getting so much love, Krings adds. There’s no way they could take her to opening thousands of cards every day. They select a few and open them for her. Music-playing cards are popular.

Delaney has also gotten Amazon deliveries and handcrafted goods like blankets, bracelets, and decorations, according to the mother of three.

Delaney has gotten cards from all around the world, as well as a few unique greetings, according to Krings.

The phone simply started pinging incessantly the other night, Krings adds. It was folks informing her that NFL player JJ Watt, who is from Pewaukee, was sending her love.

Happy (early) 5th Birthday Delaney! the football player said on Twitter, accompanied by a photo of himself clutching a homemade card. From Arizona to Pewaukee, he wished her a wonderful birthday surrounded by family and friends!

Delaney has also received a message of affection from Antarctica research experts.

They emailed it to them since it would take months to receive an actual card from Antarctica, Krings expressed.

Delaney has only spent eight days outside the hospital since her diagnosis. Krings expressed that her daughter will be honored in a special birthday procession arranged by the community on Friday.

There will be a horse and carriage, first responders, some local dancing teams, and dog groups, Krings adds, adding that Delaney will be drinking hot chocolate and eating cake.

Day by day, they lose a little bit more, Krings explains from Delaney’s hospital bedside. She is aware that she has a ‘owie’ on her head and that she will soon begin to feel worse. But how can you explain it to a four-year-old? It breaks one’s heart.

Krings claims that the family is not taking any of Delaney’s moments for granted.

She is and has always been the happiest, smiliest child one could ever encounter. She’s asked the Lord and Savior to allow her to swap places with her daughter so she may keep spreading love, Krings claims.

Delaney’s diagnosis was eight weeks ago on Christmas Day.

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