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Armed Thug Picks Wrong Man To Rob On Chicago Train — Turns Out He’s A Concealed Carrier Who Pulls His Own Gun And Shoots Suspect.

Darius Moss, a 33-year-old guy with an extensive criminal record, got himself in trouble again after he attempted to rob the incorrect passenger on a Chicago train. Moss approached an unnamed 25-year-old man aboard a Chicago Transit Authority Green Line train near the Laramie Station about 5 p.m. on a Friday, planning to rob him, yet immediately learned he had chosen the incorrect individual.

The suspect’s potential victim happened to have a concealed carry licence and a Firearms Owner’s Identification Card, and he wasn’t ready to go down without a fight. However, he drew his own gun and shot Moss, who apparently also fired his own rifle. Interestingly, the hidden carrier was the superior shooter, shooting the suspect in the leg. In contrast, the potential victim was unharmed.

Darius Moss, who was hospitalised in fair condition after the incident, was allegedly arrested on two crimes. He was charged with attempted burglary with a firearm as well as being a chronic armed criminal. As the latter alteration suggests, Moss’s run-in with the police on the CTA was not his first. Rather, the suspect was determined to have a lengthy criminal record.

In 2021, Moss was charged with misdemeanour theft after a Dunkin’ Donuts employee reported that somebody had stolen the store’s cash register. Authorities watched video camera feeds in the vicinity after receiving the information and noticed a guy entering inside the Jackson Blue Line station with a cash register. Darius Moss was the individual in question.

Moss was caught after cops saw him seated on the train with the stolen registration. Prosecutors say he was on parole for theft at the time. Moss was released on recognisance bail after Judge Arthur Willis told him, he is lucky he wasn’t charged with anything more serious than stealing.

Of course, that wasn’t his first brush with the law. He was previously arrested in 2018 for threatening to shoot a TJ Maxx security guard who attempted to prevent him from taking $111 in products. Moss was repeatedly warned, according to the guard, “I have a 9-millimeter — what are you going to do?”

The loss prevention agent backed down after attempting to halt Moss at the store’s escalator. Moss was described, and his facial tattoos enabled officers to identify him when he was spotted in the 300 block of South Plymouth Court. Cops pulled him over, the guard recognised him as the culprit, and cops examined his backpack. Moss was detained when the TJ Maxx items were located inside. Nevertheless, when Judge Michael Clancy set bail at $50,000 and Moss secured a $5,000 deposit bond, he was released.

This was not his first arrest. Darius Moss was charged with collecting charity contributions without a licence two months previous to the TJ Maxx incident after reportedly contacting customers with brochures asking money for a “basketball team.” Unfortunately, it appears that one arrest after another hasn’t deterred Moss from a life of crime. Perhaps, a shot to the leg will do the work, as the judges he’s before don’t seem to mind allowing him out of his cage to criminalise the community on a regular basis.

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