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Billy Ray Cyrus, 61, has announced his engagement to musician Firerose, 34.

Dogs are certainly man’s best buddy. Billy Ray Cyrus, a country musician and actor, is well aware of the situation. He credits his German shepherd Tex for introducing him to his now-fiancee, Firerose.

Billy Ray, 61, discussed his newly confirmed engagement to the 34-year-old Australian singer. He is ready for some good after a difficult period in his life in which he completed his divorce with ex-wife Tish and lost his mother Ruth Ann Casto. Firerose is “the genuine deal,” according to Billy Ray.

Billy Ray’s road to marriage has taught him one of his new truths that for every good thing, there is an equal and opposite negative thing. He’s never truly experienced what it’s like to be in the center. He is content to remain on the good side for the time being.

Billy Ray and Firerose met for the first time 12 years ago. Billy Ray was filming his smash program Hannah Montana on the same property where Firerose was auditioning.

He had a lot of fun doing that program, he said.

There are a couple old pine trees on the lot that look like Tennessee, Billy Ray continued. Tex and he would walk out there in the middle of the day, he’d do his thing, they’d stretch, and Billy would think about how much he missed Tennessee. Firerose emerged through the front entrance on that particular day. There was a brief flash of, he didn’t know, familiarity. He thought, ‘This girl’s a star.’

Firerose recognized Billy Ray right away since she was a lover of his music.

Firerose did not get the audition that day, but she did receive something better. Billy Ray introduced her to the creators of Hannah Montana, and the two became friends.

Billy Ray and Firerose maintained contact. Firerose ultimately had the guts to request that Billy Ray listen to some of her songs.

Their friendship has been so strong throughout the years, Firerose said.

Billy Ray and Firerose started composing songs together during the global health crisis. She creates her own tunes and performs all of her own instruments. They started swapping music and it simply grew from there, Billy Ray remembered. Their first song together was “New Day,” which was released in July 2021.

During their songwriting sessions, the two exchanged intimate information about their lives. A strong bond developed. Billy Ray once asked whether they could be more than buddies.

Billy did not make a lengthy proposal. When he asked, he didn’t even have a ring. Firerose went on to design her own engagement ring.

Billy Ray is a father of six kids. He and ex-girlfriend Kristin Luckey have a kid named Christopher Cody. Miley, Brandi, Noah, Trace, and Braison are his children with ex-wife Tish. Billy Ray has denied claims of alienation between him and his kids as a result of the divorce.

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