Crying Mother Kept Thanking The Girl On Accepting Her Son’s Prom Proposal.

Source: Facebook

I got Asked to Prom my Junior Year by this Guy named James. He has Down Syndrome and nobody wanted to go with him. When he asked me I said of course, not thinking to much into it. I remember when his mom called me on the phone crying and thanking me for going with him. She offered to pay for my dress, hair, and makeup because she said she knew nobody would’ve wanted to go with him. I told her it was okay and that i was happy to go with him.

I remember hanging up the phone crying to my mom about how honored I was to actually to go with him. Prom night was kind of hard to actually enjoy at first because James was kind of all over the Place, but then I remembered that this was HIS Senior Prom; Not Mine. So after that, I went a long with whatever he wanted to do and I ended up having so much fun! Out of the 4 proms I attended during high school, this one was actually my favorite.

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