Customer Wanted To Return All The Stuff When The Cashier Refused To Bag The Groceries.

Story by Shana Walker

We played grocery store yesterday and I had a horrible experience‼️

Mia: Thanks for shopping at Aldi, here’s your receipt. (Whispers “Here’s a Home Depot receipt, it’s all we have”)

Me: (Whispers Ok no big deal)😉

Mia: I don’t bag your groceries so you’ll have to hurry up before the next customer comes.

Me: Well that was a little rude can I speak to your manager?

Mia: (Spins around) I’m the manager

Me: Your employee was really rude and I just spent a lot of money here.

Manager/Mia: This is how I run my business

Me: Well you just lost mine. I want to return all of this stuff

Manager/ Mia: Ok, do you have a receipt?

Me: Yes (hands over receipt)

Manager/Mia: I can’t return this stuff because this receipt is for Home Depot.

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