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Dad Gets Dragged Online For Leashing His Quintuplets — But He’s Making No Apologies.

Jordan Driskell understands how sensitive the issue of “leashing” your children may be, but it’s fair to say he’s beyond caring. The influencer father, who has 5-year-old quintuplets with his wife Briana, went popular for a video on kid leashing.

Driskell first filmed the video in 2021. But, when he chose to reshare the video, it received a considerably larger response than intended.

Driskell is seen in the video wandering outside a local aquarium with his quintuplets, Gavin, Asher, Zoey, Dakota, and Hollyn. Rather than letting them all run free, he has them all strapped into a kid’s harness with a leash on the back, and he holds the other end of all five leashes in his hand.

The video received almost 3 million views at the time. It also drew numerous critiques, including those from critics who found the entire affair bizarre and harsh.

Driskell eventually came up with the outrage. He justified his decision by explaining that when one has five tiny children and only two parents to manage them, safety becomes a vital problem.

Kids are so inquisitive—they want to go out and explore, Driskell, 31, added. They use a leash for their own peace of mind and sanity. It also enables them to get out of the house and do pleasant things as a family without feeling rushed.

It’s not as if they haven’t done anything else. Driskell and his wife used to own a six-seater stroller, but it was a nightmare to operate.

As many big families are aware, simply going to the grocery store comes with its own set of complications. And, in the end, practicality triumphed.

Despite the haters, there are many individuals who are “pro-leash.” With every critical remark, there were at least a few more who were very appreciative of Driskell’s choice.

The good news is that Driskell isn’t taking any of the criticism seriously. In fact, he’s making fun of it all.

“Don’t mind me, just crate training my ‘DOGS,'” he joked in the description of one video, which showed him wandering around Walmart with his children in a shopping cart.

“Where were you when they were putting babies in the trash?” he asked in another post, accompanying a picture of, well, a baby stuck beneath a genuine trash can.

Driskell has been open about the challenges and triumphs of parenting quintuplets in general, and he shares his tale to provide a window into his world. He has, however, voiced dissatisfaction with all of the unwanted counsel and unjust criticism he has received along the way.

He stated in one of his posts that one may disagree with his parenting, and that’s OK. But don’t tell him about something one does not know.

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