Disable Man Requested Rich Woman To Move Her Porsche From The Handicapped Parking.

Source: Reddit

South Florida was devastated by Hurricane Andrew in the 90s. My dad as part of a local charity was set up day after day at a local market seeking donations from shoppers to give to food banks. You have to understand this storm left many people homeless and without power in some cases for 6 plus months in Florida heat and humidity.

My father was legally disabled from a serious car accident (he was hit by a drunk driver) in the early 80s and suffered from relentless hip and back problems. It never killed his heart or kindness to others, hence the charity work.

One day he was about to pull into the disabled space at the local market to go buy a few items to donate to the hurricane charity. Right before he is about to pull in, this lady pulls into the space in this shiny red Porsche. My dad parks behind her and says “excuse me ma’am, I was about to pull in there” and also points to his disabled placard in the window. She says to him “pfft, you don’t look disabled” and proceeded to walk into the store. For anyone who has a relative who uses a disabled space, you know the frustration of this situation and the anger one feels.

My dad, seemingly unfazed, waits until she goes into the store and then gets out and snips the valve stems on all 4 tires, flattening, but not destroying all of them. He then pulls into another space not far away and just waits. About 15 mins later the lady comes out and is shrieking about her car being vandalized. My dad is far enough away so she can’t see him but he can hear EVERYTHING. She calls the police. BIG MISTAKE. She files a report for vandalism, and the police give her a ticket for being parked in the disabled space with no placard. (about $250 at the time). The cops leave and she calls a tow truck. As the car is being loaded onto the truck my dad pulls up and says to her “you don’t look disabled, but your car sure is!!!” And then drives off.

My dad could be a nice guy and pure savage when he needed to be.

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