Ex Found Him To “Girly” For Liking Flowers But Didn’t Expected This From His Current Girlfriend.

Source: Reddit

I just want to tell someone this because I’m very happy right now.

I actually really like receiving flowers as a small gift of appreciation as a guy. My ex used to make fun of me because she thought that it was too “girly” Since my ex ridiculed me for it, I never told my girlfriend that I like receiving them. 

Until two days ago, I told my girlfriend of 3 years that I like receiving them (pretty dumb I know.) 

Today I came home to sunflowers on the counter just waiting for me, next to the vase of sunflowers was a small handwritten note that was extremely cheesy, it basically said “You work closer to the sun, so I got you sunflowers. You’re welcome.” (I’m a pilot.) The card was so cheesy and so stupid but I love it. She also made me cupcakes with small flower decorations. 

She should be home soon, but this is genuinely the greatest gift I’ve ever received.  The cupcakes are so damn good as well. 

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