Grandfather’s Way Of Revenge On His Neighbor Is Legendary.

Source: Reddit

My dad told me this story a few years back.

My Grandfather lived in a really rural area in Georgia. This was around the late 1930s early 1940.

My grandfather owned a farm and had a garden. He had planted various veggies.

Well the only neighbors were about a mile away. And for some reason the neighbors would drive their Model T through the garden, tearing up the veggies. My grandpa would have to replant the garden.

The neighbors kept doing this.

So here comes the revenge part.

My grandfather dug holes around the garden and stuck metal poles into the holes. He covered up the holes with leaves.

A few days later the neighbors drove through again. My dad said they tore the undercarriage out and had parts strewn all over the place.

He couldn’t remember what happened after that. But I don’t think they did that again.

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