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Kelly Clarkson Says She’ll Be ‘Single Forever’ After Her Painful Divorce Also Ended Up Costing Her Money

Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock are said to have struck a divorce settlement, which involves a substantial payout from the singer to her former manager. Clarkson’s divorce from ex-husband Brandon Blackstock has been finalized after nearly two years of legal fighting. In June 2020, the talk show presenter filed for divorce for the first time after a seven-year marriage. In September 2021, she was given legal single status, and the pair subsequently finalized a formal divorce settlement on March 8.

As part of the deal, Clarkson will pay her ex-husband a one-time, tax-free payment of $1,326,161 in addition to ongoing monthly child support payments of $45,601 for their 2 kids, River Rose, seven, and Remington Alexander, five. Clarkson was granted exclusive custody of their 2 kids by L.A. Superior Court Judge Scott Gordon on Tuesday. The couple will get shared physical custody of their children, with Blackstock seeing them once a month from Montana.

She’s doing fantastic and moving on, a source expressed at the time. She likes the fact that she has the children for the great most of the time and enjoys spending time with them.

She is all about being a parent when she isn’t working, a second insider told in August. She enjoys spending time with her children. She sometimes drives her children to work, the insider continued. It’s clear that she wishes to spend as much time as possible with them. Clarkson and her two children recently visited Disney World in Florida for a summer holiday.

When she was given primary custody of her 2 kids in November 2020, a source said she was “happy.” As Kelly has stated, her primary focus in all of this is to take care of the children and all of the hearts involved in this divorce, the insider added. It’s been a difficult period for all, but Kelly is delighted with the court’s custody order.

The two haven’t spoken much about their breakup, but Clarkson did say she’ll be “single forever” and has trouble detecting “red lights” in bad dates during an interview with Andy Cohen on one episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show.

When it came to the divorce, Clarkson knew it wouldn’t be an easy process. Despite their efforts to keep things calm and nice, their legal struggle lasted more than a year. Furthermore, Blackstock was merely trying to walk away from the divorce with great assets and fortune.

Clarkson also spoke up, claiming she had no qualms about her previous relationships. Even bad things that happen in one’s life or difficult things, because they can do difficult things, she remarked. But she also believes it is what develops one, what improves one as a person, what makes one realize: OK, she missed those red flags, she missed that, she disregarded it on purpose, she added, saying that her next album was almost titled Red Flag Collector.

Despite the legalities, fans are getting ready for Clarkson’s new divorce album, which is rumored to be on the way and set to be released in 2023.

Kelly is glad for her relationship with Brandon since she discovered a lot about herself and had two wonderful kids, a source stated. Kelly is excited to go on and effectively co-parent with Brandon.

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