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Lady Gaga’s Makeup Artist Shares ‘Aftermath’ Of Oscars Makeup Removal From Barefaced Performance.

Lady Gaga’s cosmetic change from full glam to makeup-free at the 2023 Academy Awards stunned viewers. Sarah Tanno, her makeup artist, is now speaking out about what happened.

On Sunday night, the Academy Award-winning singer, who was not initially scheduled to attend the awards presentation, graced the red carpet in a hot-off-the-runway Versace gown.

Tanno’s bold outfit was complemented with an equally edgy and dramatic beauty moment inspired by Robert Palmer’s “Addicted to Love” music video.

Tanno created a “Smokey Palmer Girl” look for the pop legend, 36, with smudged and heavily lined smoky eyes, pigmented hot pink blush, and an eye-catching red lip. The last two were accomplished using Gaga’s beauty business, Haus of Labs, which includes Color Fuse Powder Blush and Atomic Shake Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick, both of which are recognized for their high-impact, high-color products.

During the live broadcast, though, the Star Is Born actress changed her costume and went barefaced for a stripped-down performance of her nominated track “Hold My Hand.”

As impressive as her vocals were, it was Gaga’s natural beauty that stole the show. And it left fans with one burning question: What heroic product did Gaga and her staff employ to erase her full glam in only a few hours?

Tanno eventually revealed what went on behind the scenes of the 360 turn, and it wasn’t easy.

A snapshot posted to Gaga’s Instagram Story shows a variety of filthy makeup wipes, cotton swabs, and circular pads needed to erase the complete beat.

“The Aftermath…” she wrote, with a credit to InStyle.

Although Tanno did not specify which holy grail product she tested, a 2019 interview with Harper’s Bazaar hints at what it may be.

She prefers to kick it old school; she enjoys the Lancôme Bi-Facil, which is her favorite makeup remover.

Another must-have? Argan oil, which the pro learned from Lady Gaga herself. Furthermore, Gaga educated her about argan oil. If one has heavy eye makeup or waterproof cosmetics, straight-up argan oil is fantastic for removing everything and melting it away. She teaches her so much!

Gaga’s bare-faced look was deliberate. The Academy Awards executive producers told The Hollywood Reporter that Gaga intended her production to be “raw.”

She was very sensitive about the fact that this is a personal song to her, and she intended to really strip it down and present it not as an ‘Oscar performance,’ but as her, showrunner Glenn Weiss, stated. And it is precisely what they attempted to capture.

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