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Billy Crystal Recreates His When Harry Met Sally Pose On 75th Birthday: ‘Thank You All’

Billy Crystal is celebrating his birthday by tossing it back.

As Crystal celebrated his 75th birthday on Tuesday, he took the chance to pay tribute to the legendary 1989 romantic comedy costarring Meg Ryan, posting a picture on Twitter that recreated his character’s signature posture from the film.

Thank you everybody, he said with the picture, which included a fresh photo of him dressed in the scene’s iconic wardrobe—a huge white sweater, blue trousers, and white shoes—as well as an image of him from that scene in When Harry Met Sally.

Merriam-Twitter Webster’s account responded to Crystal’s tweet, expressing gratitude for the actor’s costume replica by offering a hilarious definition of the term “icon.”

A person or object generally liked, particularly for having considerable influence or importance in a certain sector, according to the description.

The rom-com When Harry Met Sally, directed by Rob Reiner, has been in cinemas for 34 years. The Library of Congress announced in December that When Harry Met Sally was one of 25 films chosen as National Film Registry selections for 2022.

In discussing the film’s collaboration with the Library of Congress, the actor said that every shot is absolutely perfect in the renowned comedy.

He simply felt so connected to the process of producing the film, he said at the time. Nothing is ever simple, but it was a delight to witness it come to life.

The film is lovely, simple, and suitable, and every shot is exactly perfect, the actor continued when asked what makes “When Harry Met Sally” stand out after 30 years.

The timing is in the hands of Rob, who is a modern-day Billy Wilder for this film, and it’s New York, the autumn, the music, he said.

As the film celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2019, director Reiner, now 76, disclosed that the film’s joyful conclusion, in which Sally (Ryan) and Harry (Crystal) marry, was not initially written by Nora Ephron.

Harry and Sally do not get along. They cross paths years later and go their own ways. Reiner revealed his early intentions for the film to Couchsurfing’s Lola Ogunnaike at the time, noting that plans altered once he met his wife, Michele Singer Reiner.

He met his wife during filming, and they modified the finale. This is what they came up with, Reiner said. Billy came up with some of this dialogue, and that’s how they chose to conclude the movie, with them finally getting together.

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