Child Rapist Cries For ‘Mummy And His Lego’ After Learning Of Recommended Sentence.

Jack Walker, 19 years old, gained the moniker “pedo Jack” after being found guilty of grooming and sexually assaulting minors many times in the United Kingdom. Before he was apprehended, the child predator was said to have entertained young females at his Bridlington residence.

Walker admitted to four charges of sexual conduct with a child, one count of encouraging or persuading a minor to participate in sexual activity, and two counts of sexual activity in the presence of a child. Walker loved molesting multiple teenage females, but he got no gratification from realizing what his penalty would be.

Walker had a mental breakdown at the prospect of receiving a jail term, according to defense counsel Paul Genney. In a distressing twist, the child abuser seems to have regressed to a child-like condition while in detention, requesting “mummy and his Lego” toys.

While the prospect of a merited jail term seemed to have destroyed Walker’s mind, his lawyers believed that his purported psychiatric breakdown would garner him compassion from the court. Surprisingly, the pedophile’s argument may be that he has the mental ability of the youngsters he regularly exploits.

Walker’s grooming binge ended when one of his victims, a 14-year-old girl, came forward to authorities. She told the prosecutor, Charlotte Baines, that her abuser made her live with him and gave her a lot of drugs so he could molest her.

Baines said in court that Walker used intimidation and manipulative methods to keep his victims silent. He finally coerced the youngster into having a threesome with him and his unnamed girlfriend.

Walker allegedly had intercourse with one underage girl around ten times and forced an adolescent boy to watch by threatening to knife him if he refused.

According to defense counsel Paul Genney, Jack Walker has a learning problem, a low IQ, and grew up in a violent family. So, Judge John Thackray ordered a psychiatric exam to figure out if Walker should even go to jail or if he should be sent back to therapy.

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