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Man Throws Himself Into Ice Cold Water To Save Crying Dog From Drowning.

It’s difficult to tell what we would do in a life-or-death scenario to save an animal; those who do deserve to be called “heroes.”

Don Chatten was out walking his two dogs in Buffalo, New York, on a very cold day when a woman approached him and asked for his assistance in locating her tiny puppy.

He didn’t hesitate to assist her, however when he eventually found the lost dog, he recognized the risk and felt he needed to act quickly.

Don realized he didn’t have much time if he was going to save the puppy that had fallen into cold waters in Ellicott Creek Park.

Don phoned 911 yet, knowing that they might be too late, opted to save the dog himself.

He attempted crawling across the ice, but it broke away, dumping him waist-deep into the freezing water.

The shivering dog was subsequently transported to the vet to be examined.

In the video below, you may learn more about this animal lover’s brave deeds.

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