80-Yr-Old Great-Grandma Celebrates Her 60th Anniversary In Original Wedding Gown | “She Still Looks Beautiful”

Janith Goedde made headlines when she wore her antique 1957 wedding gown to celebrate the 60th anniversary of her marriage to Joe Goedde. The great-grandmother provided her family with a very memorable experience when she appeared in front of them in the same white wedding gown she wore the day she said “I do.”

62 members of the couple’s family attended their anniversary party. At the end of the day, Janith allegedly put on the $69.95 Chantilly white lace dress to see if it still suited her. Despite the fact that she admitted it was a little tighter than it had been all those years before, she pulled it off beautifully. She’s dropped 40 pounds. And it shows, at the time, the 80-year-old joyfully said.

The wedding gown of the octogenarian has long been the talk of the town. The stunning gown was the centerpiece of the couple’s wedding announcement in their local newspaper decades ago. The bride picked a floor-length gown of imported Chantilly lace and nylon tulle over satin, secured along the back with small covered buttons for her wedding, it said. The fitting lace bodice had a Sabrina neckline and was embellished with pearlized sequins. The long sleeves cinched at the wrists.

She still looks wonderful, Joe Goedde, the 84-year-old great-grandfather, exclaimed when he saw his wife in her stunning gown again. He laughed as he recalled their wedding on May 11, 1957 that he didn’t see her until she went down the aisle, and he kept telling himself, “You’re too young to marry.” He was 24.

At the time, one had to have a large hoop, Janith said, characterizing the fashion. The gowns were lengthy, and one had to hire a hoop. They have to be huge enough to stretch all the way out.

When asked about their wedding anniversary party, Joe said that he didn’t want to have a celebration but ended up liking it. He couldn’t imagine they were celebrating like that, but he had to give in due to the children’s demands. It was enjoyable for him, he stated.

Janith shared the secret to their happy marriage- Prayer and communication. They’re hoping for more anniversaries, but they’ll take what they can get. They’ll fight it together.

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