Man Rapes 3-Yr-Old Daughter, Tells Judge He Mistook Her For His 185lb Wife.

Henry Vincent Bennett was arrested when his 3-year-old daughter revealed disturbing information regarding her sexual assault. The youngster allegedly moulded Play-Doh into the shape of male genitalia while chatting with child advocate Cindy Lambert, telling the caseworker that her daddy had put his p*nis “on her b*tt.”

Bennett was arrested on the spot for sexually assaulting his daughter on at least two consecutive times. Rather than admitting to his horrible acts, Bennett went before Circuit Court Judge Derek Swope and attempted to defend his conduct, blaming his own kid entirely for what she supposedly did.

Bennett maintains that the two sexual experiences with his 3-year-old, one with a sex toy and one with oral sex, occurred “accidentally,” and that it was the kid’s fault since she had began performing oral sex on him without his knowledge. He said that both occasions he mistaken the 30-pound female for his almost 200-pound wife.

Bennett blamed the youngster of infiltrating his bedroom and commencing oral intercourse with him, leading him to assume that his wife, April Bennett, was performing the sex act. He elaborated on the situation, claiming that his wife had been having oral sex with him before heading to the restroom.

He stated that the youngster then snuck into the bed and began having oral sex with him until he discovered she was not his wife. Nevertheless, this was just the second time he had molested his daughter sexually.

Henry Vincent Bennett said that the first time he molested his daughter sexually was likewise an accident. Surprisingly, he informed police that he had accidentally penetrated the child’s anus with a sex toy, however this was not clarified further.

Thankfully, the court did not believe Bennett’s troubling reasons. Following the final statements, the jurors debated for less than 30 minutes before pronouncing their decision. Bennett was convicted of two counts of first-degree sexual assault, two counts of sexual abuse by a parent, and two counts of incest.

April Bennett was first prosecuted as an accessory to her husband’s horrible behavior. She subsequently accepted a plea arrangement that allowed her to plead guilty to a lesser charge of child negligence causing significant bodily damage or death.

April’s potential sentence was reduced by years as a result of this agreement. She was then granted bail and freed. She might be sentenced to one to five years in jail.

Bennett risks 80 to 270 years in jail if the sentences are served consecutively, due to the harsh penalties connected with such offenses in West Virginia. A motions hearing and probable sentence has been planned.

Bennett will very certainly complete his term while claiming his innocence at the cost of the small child he heartlessly assaulted. However, if his sentence is carried out as intended, he will never be allowed to harm another kid again.

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