Monica Lewinsky throws shade at Jennifer Aniston after she said she’s ‘famous for nothing’

Monica Lewinsky may have discreetly responded to Jennifer Aniston’s latest remark about her by liking a tweet.

As of late Wednesday afternoon, the former White House intern, now 48, was one of just three individuals to tap the heart button on a tweet by @ernestsewell.

“I wonder if @lizzo asked Lorena Bobbitt to use her name & violent actions as a pejorative, the way hundreds of rappers & comedians use @MonicaLewinsky’s name as a pejorative, forgetting the actual woman behind it; who has feelings, a spirit, their own mental health to retain, and dignity,” the first tweet in the thread questioned.

“Even Ms. Female-in-Power @Beyonce (who I adore and admire) used Ms. Lewinsky’s name in a song about… well, something,” he said in the Lewinsky-approved tweet.

“It appears incredibly dishonest for women who proclaim empowerment to degrade another woman’s background [and] bring her out for the sake of it.”

During a “Actors on Actors” chat with Variety, the “Friends” star and Sebastian Stan, 39, discussed celebrity in 2022. She discussed how celebrities like Monica Lewinsky and Paris Hilton rose to stardom as a result of the growth of online culture.

They were talking the Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee sex tape, which prompted Aniston, 53, to comment on current internet culture.

“This phenomenon of folks getting renowned for doing nothing but having fantastic jobs. Then there’s the issue of women’s reputation… I’m talking about Paris Hilton, Monica Lewinsky, and others.”

In 2004, a sex video of Hilton and her then-boyfriend Rick Salomon was leaked online, while Lewinsky was notoriously embroiled in a sex scandal with former President Bill Clinton in 1998.

“When you look back at the ’90s, you can see how much occurred in that time,” Stan responded. “Even the O.J. Simpson case was the start of 24-hour news.”

Aniston added that she feels very fortunate that they were able to see the profession before it became what it is now. More streaming services – one is well-known on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. It’s almost as though the actor’s role is being downplayed.

Fans accuse her of attempting to “gatekeep” fame.

Some highlighted that both of Aniston’s parents, John Aniston and Nancy Dow, are actresses and said she gained from nepotism.

“Jennifer Aniston (nepotism baby) needs to speak diluting actors’ jobs. You’re correct,” one individual wrote.

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