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Mother of 21 IVF babies gives update as husband is in prison for money laundering

A former stripper who had 21 surrogate babies with her rich husband before he was imprisoned on money laundering charges has claimed she battles to concentrate on happy things as she awaits his release from jail.

Kristina Ozturk, 25, of Batumi, Georgia, spent almost €168,000 on surrogates between March 2020 and July 2021, and she spends more than €90,000 per year on 16 live-in nannies.

When she met her husband, Turkish billionaire Galip Ozturk, 57, who runs the bus firm Metro Turizm, on vacation, she had one kid from a previous relationship. The couple married and decided to have 105 surrogate babies.

These preparations were put on hold when Galip was detained in May on suspicion of money laundering and fabricating paperwork. He had previously departed Turkey in 2018 after an appeals court upheld his life sentence for a murder committed in 1996.

The mother-of-22 shared in a sorrowful Instagram post that she is still hopeful for Galip’s safe return and that it has been difficult to maintain their Instagram profile since her hubby’s detention.

‘Many of you have noticed that with the happenings in our family, it’s been more difficult for me to keep the page up,’ she wrote in a message uploaded on her social media account, which has 228,000 followers.

It’s difficult to speak about certain domestic matters or joys when her thoughts are scattered and preoccupied with waiting for her husband to get home to them.

She is sure that day will come soon, but in the meanwhile, she simply want to thank all for her well wisher’s support and nice thoughts, she wrote.

Kristina acknowledged in another post earlier this year that she couldn’t ‘stand his absence’ due to her husband’s legal difficulties.

The Mtavari TV station released images of special forces invading Galip’s hotel on Georgia’s coast following his detention in late May.

Georgia’s Finance Ministry spokesperson Nato Natroshvili confirmed Galip’s detention in a statement.

Kristina said on her Instagram account on June 9 that the sense of lonesome does not leave her even with such a great number of close people around.

She is used to her hubby being at home and around all the time. They spend a lot of time together throughout the day because Galip has been working from home for the previous few years. They spoke nonstop at night after the kids were put to bed.

If she travelled to Tbilisi or Istanbul, they talked on the phone for hours and all night.

She expresses that she can’t tolerate silence and can’t stand his absence, she can’t sleep and wake up lonesome. She can’t see his empty workspace. She  can’t see his grin, hear his voice, or feel his hug.

Kristina acknowledged soon after Galip’s arrest that she tried to explain what had happened to her oldest daughter Vika.

The mom, who apparently lives in a three-story home with her family, recently stated that she and Galip used surrogate women in order to have as many kids as possible as rapidly as possible.

Their first kid, Mustafa, was born on March 10, 2020, and their most recent addition, Judy, is only three months old.

She can assure one that her days are never dull. Every day is different, from managing staff schedules to shopping for her family, Kristina during good times.

Kristina, who spends £4,000 a week on baby necessities such as 20 huge bags of nappies and 53 boxes of baby formula, updates her Instagram account, which has 224,000 followers, with updates on her hectic life.

Her photos show hectic mealtimes, the mom interacting with the kids, and the infants being walked in a group of double prams.

In a recent Instagram Q&A, she revealed the family’s schedule, admitting that the youngsters eat separately from their parents throughout the week because father Galip arrives home late from work.

The couple’s nannies work a four-day on, two-day off schedule and all live-in, with beds near the children and their own kitchen.

Kristina responded on her social media account when asked if each nanny is ‘assigned to a certain child.  During the day, a certain one is in charge of a specific youngster. However, the nannies change over the week.

One admirer inquired whether the mom was able to ‘spend quality time’ with each of her several kids, to which she responded, on many occasions she has been asked how she has enough for each kid, whether she gives time alone to each.

Yes. Every kid has a particular link with them. She hope every parent could spend their entire day with their kids since it is the most essential thing in life.

Mustafa, 19 months; Mariam, 18 months; Ayrin, 18 months; Alisa, 18 months; Hasan, 17 months; Judi, 17 months; Harper, 16 months; Teresa, 16 months; Huseyin, 16 months; and Anna, 15 months are the children of Kristina and Ozturk.

Isabella is 15 months old, Ismail is 14 months, Mehmet is 14 months, Ahmet is 14 months, Ali is 13 months, Kristina is 13 months, Sara is one, Lokman is one, Galip is 11 months, Olivia is nine months, and Judy is three months.

She doesn’t know how many there will ultimately be, but they certainly don’t intend to stop at 10, the mother-of-22 previously stated.

Kristina, a single mother coming from Russia, had opted for a vacation by travelling to the shore in Batumi.

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