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‘Phenomenally bright’ student claims she identifies as a CAT

A teenage girl apparently identifies as a cat, with her ‘animal behavior’ supported by the Melbourne private school where she goes.

Despite being characterized as ‘tremendously clever,’ the year eight pupil does not talk during school hours.

According to a parent, the school allowed the girl to act like a cat as long as it did not distract her or other kids.

No one appears to have a system for pupils claiming to be animals, however the stance has been that if it doesn’t disrupt the school, everybody is supportive, a family source explained.

The school did not verify the student’s behavior, but stated its support team was coping with a variety of psychiatric difficulties.

The school stated in a statement that children were coming with a variety of difficulties, ranging from mental health, anxiety, or identity issues.

Their approach is always particular to the kid, and they will take professional advice and the student’s wellness into account, the school stated.

There was also a boy who described himself as a dog for a time and was treated by a Melbourne psychologist.

Female students at a prestigious Brisbane private school were claimed to be wandering on all fours and cutting holes in their uniforms for tails because they identified as cats or foxes in March.

A worried parent stated that when a girl went to sit at a spare desk, another girl shouted at her and said she was sitting on her tail; there’s a rip in this kid’s uniform where the tail reportedly is.

The parent’s claim was refused by the school.

Furries are a subculture of individuals who recognize themselves as animals and typically dress up in costumes as part of their ‘fursonas.’

There have been stories of pupils in the United States claiming to be ‘furries.’

After a lady made the claim in a school board meeting last month, a Michigan school system was compelled to reject that litter boxes were supplied to pupils who classify as “furries” in January.

Michael E. Sharrow, superintendent of the district, said it was ‘unconscionable’ that he had to address the matter in an email to parents that was also shared on Facebook.

‘Let me be clear in this communication. There is no truth whatsoever to this false statement/accusation! There have never been litter boxes within MPS schools,’ Sharrow said.

Judith Locke, a psychologist in Brisbane, said she was not shocked by the advent of the ‘furry’ trend.

She stated that after romanticizing animals in their lives, on movies and television, it was only a period of time until humans started to classify as animals.

However, there is a great issue these days in accepting folk’s judgments about how they view themselves; it is a contentious subject.

In his 25 years of practice, Australian teenage psychologist Michael Carr-Gregg stated he had only seen a client who was classified as an animal.

A little child who was recognized as a dog was the patient.

According to Dr. Carr-Gregg, after the pressures in his life were eliminated, the youngster reverted to recognizing as a human being.

Furry website Furscience reports that three-quarters of individuals adopting ‘fursonas’ are under the age of 25.

Furries prefer to be teenagers and young adults, however there are also many adults in their late 20s and 30s in the fandom, according to the website. Some furries are in their 70s and 80s.

According to furscience, fursonas are a kind of ‘self-expression’ and ‘imagination.’

Creating a fursona is an artistic endeavor that can have a lot of psychological advantages, according to the website.

Creating a character may help one reflect on who he/she is as an individual and who you want to become.

For instance, if one has always been tall at school, having a giraffe fursona can make one feel more comfortable with your height.

Around half of all furries are located in the United States or Canada, with Australia accounting for around 1% of all furries.

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