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Police officers deliver heater to 92-year-old WWII veteran using gas-powered stove to heat his home

Louis Hicks is a 92-year-old World War II veteran. One day, he discovered that someone had broken into the shed behind his house and stole some power tools. So he called the Austin Police Department. Soon, Officer Chastity Salazar was at his door taking a statement. But she sensed that something was wrong inside the house, so she asked if she could come inside.

Louis was uncomfortable about that, but he allowed her in. And she quickly discovered the problem. Louis, who is on a very limited income, had been heating his home with his gas-burning stove. His old heater had long ago burned a hole in his floor and now the flames on top of the stove were all he could use to stay warm in the colder months. That was extremely dangerous, but Louis had been far too proud to ask anyone for help.

Officer Salazar finished taking the information from Louis on the theft and left. But soon after, she returned with other officers from her department and they all had something to give Louis. It was a brand new electric heater. Aside from the police department, two other groups helped with purchasing the heater. An extremely grateful Louis had to choke back his tears.

Says Louis: “I’ve never had no one to do nothing for me. After my mother passed away and left me to take care of my two sisters … nobody never did nothing to help me. You hate to ask anybody ’cause sometimes they’ll frown on you, and I’m a true veteran. I won’t ask. I won’t ask.”

Officer Salazar said she and her colleagues were more than happy to help out someone who has served. The police department is also now helping Louis out with other things that he needs, such as underwear, shirts and pants. And they could not be any happier to do it.

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