North Carolina Mom Of 16 Is Pregnant Again – She Has 6 Sets Of Twins And Wants More Kids.

Families exist in many forms and sizes, and each one is unique and stunning in its own way. Everybody’s notion of a happy and profitable household is unique; some parents desire a small family size, while others like a house full of cackles from their children.

While parenting is not an easy task, it may offer people life-changing, eye-opening lessons about life and what actually matters. Love and affection expand when they are shared, and the family in today’s tale is a good illustration of how the most difficult activities can yield the most heartwarming rewards.

Carlos and Patty Hernandez are not your typical pair. They live in North Carolina and have a huge family of 18 people. Every day brings new challenges, surprises, and boundless joy for the family, and there is rarely a boring moment.

The couple has 16 children and operates a commercial cleaning business to support their family. The children’s names begin with the letter “C” to honor their industrious and dedicated father, Carlos, 39.

Patty, 40, has been pregnant for 14 years and has had kids since 2018. She and Carlos had six boys and ten girls, with six of their children being pairs of twins, as is common in Carlos’ family.

Carlos Jr. is 14, Christopher is 13, Carla is 11, Caitlyn is 11, Cristian is 10, Celeste is ten, Cristina is nine, Calvin is seven, Catherine is seven, Caroll is four, Caleb is five, Caroline is five, Camilla is four, Charlotte is three, Crystal is two, and Clayton is one.

Patty and Carlos had baby Clayton in May 2021 and have stated that they would not rule out having further children. The Hernandez couple rose to prominence in 2019, but they have since added two more children to their family.

The then-mom-of-15 agreed that caring for so many children may be difficult, but she was thrilled and saw it as a blessing. Patty said that she would conceive again after roughly three months of her last pregnancy and was always delighted while she was pregnant.

The petite mother claimed she shocked everyone with her big family, and several even wondered if they were all her kids. In January 2019, the overjoyed mother shared a peek of her family’s everyday routine.

The Hernandez family’s day began at 8 a.m., when Patty cooked a hearty breakfast of cereal, waffles, or pancakes. After breakfast, the kids participated in a Christian devotional, which included praying, singing, and reading together.

Shortly after, the students boarded the school bus and left, leaving Patty at home to finish her chores and care for her children. The busy mom explained that she tries to do everything when they’re at school since that’s when she has the most spare time, and if she has an appointment, she brings them all with her.

The older kids did their schoolwork during after-school study and arrived home before six o’clock. The entire family then sat down to their sixteen-seater table for dinner, which consisted of spaghetti, eggs, beans, or salad. After dinner, the kids said their prayers and played for a little before going to bed around 8:30 p.m.

Patty and Carlos, on the other hand, appear to be adding to their enormous family as they are expecting their 17th child — a baby boy — in March 2023.

The soon-to-be mother revealed her desire to attain the mystical number of 20 and have an even number of children – 10 males and ten girls. Patty stated that she is quite fertile and has put her faith in God for the future. She stated they always desired a large family, but they never imagined God would give them so much.

Patty had previously stated that she and Carlos planned to name their child Carter if he was a boy and Clair if she was a girl. The North Carolina resident stated that she intends to continue to name her children with the letter “C” in the future.

While the Hernandezes never expected to have so many children, they enjoy the joys of motherhood and are motivated to keep going.

Since growing their family, the dedicated parents have replaced their 16-seater car with a 20-seater bus, which Patty uses to transport the children to school.

Despite their huge family, the pair stated that they don’t worry about money and work hard to take care of their kids. Patty and her husband have never used contraception, She leaves everything to God, she said, and if he wants them to conceive again, then so be it.

The pregnant mother explained that she is frequently criticised for her decisions, but she ignores the negativity and considers herself fortunate for her family. The Hernandez family lives in a huge five-bedroom house with bunk beds for the older kids and a nursery with cribs for the babies.

Patty claims that she and Carlos spend nearly £780 (approximately $895) per week on food, primarily school lunches. The pair is hoping that they will be gifted with another child following their 17th.

While expanding their family has been an amazing moment, it has also resulted in extra housekeeping for Patty, who says she has been educating the older children to pitch in and has given them daily jobs.

The woman mentioned doing laundry four times a week, having a thousand garments to wash, and spending over five hours folding them every two days. Regardless of the challenges and criticism, Patty and Carlos adore their lovely family and wouldn’t have it any other way.

We wish the Hernandez family continued adoration for their wonderful kids and a joyful, healthy, and lovely life together. Don’t forget to tell your friends and family about this article.

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