She Caught Her Partner Cheating And Now She Is Confused.

Source: Reddit

I just caught my partner cheating on me…

We have an open phone policy, I use his phone and he can use mine for whatever reason. His phone buzzed while he’s asleep and I went to check and it was a message from one of his friends, but as I went to close his messenger I noticed he has a “hookup” app left open. I couldn’t find it on his home screen, but I realised he has a sort of hidden screen (he has an Android I have an apple) and I found he’s hidden the app in a folder called “stocks.”

I went through and found most of the messages ended at just “hi” but then there was one from a married woman looking for a hookup, he mentioned me and then just dropped it after one message from her. They sent each other pictures and were talking dirty, it made me feel sick to my stomach…

We’re engaged, we’re getting married in less than a year and we’ve always agreed that even if it’s not physical, if there’s flirting, dirty talk and pics through text it’s still cheating… I don’t know what to do and now I can’t sleep.

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