She Deliberately Goes To The Restaurant Where Her Cheating Husband’s Girlfriend Worked.

Source: Reddit

This all happened years ago. My then husband had a girlfriend. That I knew. She worked next door to him at the way of the sub. I was pretty good friends with everyone that worked there, especially her boss. So after I threw him out for having said girlfriend, I decided to let her know how I felt.

I went up to the sandwich shop and found my good friend. While the girlfriend made my sandwich, standing right beside her boss, I tearfully told the WHOLE story to the boss. Standing next to girlfriend. Making my sandwich. I told every detail, EXCEPT her identity. Right down to how upset our kids were and what I thought about people who go after a married man and the married men who cheat and break up their family.

Boss lady said all the right things. How could he? What kind of woman is ok with doing that? What she thought of this unnamed woman and so on. The other workers I was friends with chimed in too. The other woman was much disparaged by all. And she couldn’t say anything because she didn’t want everyone to know it was her.

And you know what? I got the sandwich for free too.

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