She Loves Her Dominant Boyfriend Who Decides Everything.

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I’m so sick of women trying to “save me” from my relationship

I believe in equal rights for men and women. Obviously. I mean, I think that goes without saying. However I have women in my life, and some I haven’t even known at all, who claim they are feminists try to tell me how “toxic” my relationship is, just because I let my boyfriend take the reigns on everything. But guess what, gals? I like it. I want it. My entire life I’ve been extremely independent, grew up too fast at the age of 6, had very adult responsibilities no child should have, have always been older than I actually am, and have done every single thing in life by myself, for myself. So when I met my wonderful boyfriend who is naturally a leader, kind of dominant, assertive, it was like a breath of fresh air. Finally, someone to take some of my responsibility for once, and he likes it. He loves responsibility. He’s in charge of our finances. He has the final say on a lot of things.

Does this mean he doesn’t care about my feelings? Absolutely not. He listens, he takes what I have to say and what I feel very seriously and actually applies them to the decisions he makes, we’re completely equal (why can’t people get that?) he doesn’t run over me, he doesn’t boss me around, I can still spend my money how I want to, we’re really big on communication, he always asks me before doing something, he’s very protective, loving, understanding, I could go on… yet someone will tell me that how dare I be in a relationship where he’s in charge of so much, how dare I be in a relationship where I let him make a lot of decisions. Do you think I’d be with someone/let them do that if they were a bad person? If they were irresponsible? If they were abusive? No! Of course not.

So if someone tries to stick their nose in my relationship again in the name of feminism…. so help me, I may internally combust.

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