Step Daughter Purposely Spills Chocolate On Her Step Mom’s Wedding Gown At The Reception.

Source: Reddit

When I was 13, so eight years ago, my dad remarried, after divorcing my mom 4 years before. Before the divorce, his fiancée had been his mistress. My mom is completely better off without him, and ignoring the fact that I wouldn’t exist, I don’t think she should have married him in the first place. Even if I think my parents weren’t a good match, that’s no excuse to cheat on your wife.

This woman was f**king vile in all sorts of ways. She constantly belittled me, made fun of the fact I needed to take pills for my mental illness (despite being a f**king pharmacist? I don’t get it either) and was generally awful to me and my siblings. But she was a decade younger than my dad and reasonably hot, so he didn’t give a sh*t how she treated us. The one time he actually listened to us about her is when they were thinking of having a baby and my brother said he’d ask our mom to sue for full custody of us if they did.

So anyway, they got married. I was a bridesmaid, cause that b*tch had no real friends. (The other two bridesmaids were her sister and my sister.) My brother was the best man, cause she didn’t like my dad’s best friend. He and my dad still don’t talk to this day, even though the guy was like an uncle to me as a little kid. It was a wedding, everything went normally.

But at the beginning of the reception, before the first dance, we were taking pictures in front of a chocolate fountain, looking like the happy family we never were and would never be. I’m on the autism spectrum, and have a problem maintaining eye contact. This extends to looking at a camera. So when we had to retake a photo because I wasn’t looking, she leans down and whispers something in my ear. I’m not going to repeat it, but it involved the r-word. I don’t like saying it.

Anyway, I kinda snapped, and decided she was gonna pay for this. No one noticed (or at least no one called me out) when I started slowly moving the chocolate fountain towards the edge of the table. When it got to the edge, it makes contact with the back of that pure white wedding dress and slowly drips down. By the time she notices, it looks like she’s sh*t herself. But for all anyone else knows this was an accident. She has no spare dress, and that stain is not coming out. So first dance, cutting the cake, speeches, everything, this woman has what looks like a sh*t stain on the back of her dress.

It was a small revenge, but it was so worth it. What’s supposed to be the happiest day of this stupid woman’s life, and she’s gonna remember that stain, every time she thinks about it. They never did get the stain out. And nobody knew it was me. 

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