Boy’s Perfect Way To Deal With A Bully.

Source: Reddit

I was about 9 or 10 in primary school. There was one kid who was the bane of everyone’s existence. Let’s call him Jake. Jake was a little sh*t. He was spoilt rotten and delighted in seeing others miserable. One time when a friend of mine was climbing a tree he threw a half brick at him and knocked him off. Never got in trouble for this because no adults saw it. Long story short, he’s a sh*t.

On one Friday he was being particularly sh*tty. Basically pulling hair, telling me I’m a sissy for reading books, telling others they were worthless and generally being a little sh*t. So while he was running around causing mischief I quietly put down my book and went to the storage room. We kept shoes there (honestly cannot remember why I think to stop the floors getting scuffed up) and found his brand new super pricey stylish shoes. I took one of them. Just one. And took it out to the yard. I dug a hole as deep as I could in the sand pit and dumped the shoe in. After burying it I went back to my book.

When my mother picked me up Jake was frantically looking for his shoe. His own mother hot on his heels berating him for loosing something so expensive. I left. As far as I know, they never found it.

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