Man Keeps A Note In His Neighbour’s Wife Car For The Perfect Reason.

Source: Reddit

One day I came home from work and someone else’s car was parked out front of my house, no matter, I park outside my neighbours house. When I wake up the next day and go out to my car to leave for work, there’s a note tucked on my windshield. I unfold it and it reads “DO NOT PARK HERE EVER AGAIN, OR ELSE” in a font so large in takes up the whole page of paper.

I folded it up, placed it in my glove box and there it sat for nearly a year. Until the day he parked out front of my house. I tucked the note he left me on his window and went to bed.

The next day as I was enjoying my morning coffee i watched his wife go to get in the car and notice the note. She read it with a puzzled look that quickly turned to rage. I thought she would storm over to ask me about it but apparently she recognized her husbands handwriting and went to ask him. He had to sheepishly explain to her that he left it on my car and she brought him over, tail between his legs to apologize. We had a beer, he stared at the floor the whole time, it was cool.

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