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VIDEO: Two Famous Actresses Take A Stand — Break Ranks With ‘Hollywood Crowd’

Goldie Hawn and Rosanna Arquette made headlines when they both defied the Hollywood establishment, albeit in very different ways. The 76-year-old Oscar winner Hawn acknowledged Hollywood’s significant political involvement, saying she prefers to “remain in her lane” when it comes to politics and thinks performers should seek to “serve” and act “for all individuals.”

Host Megyn Kelly stated she thinks that’s why it motivates individuals insane when Hollywood acts holier than thou and begins teaching middle America about morals and so on, anchor Megyn Kelly remarked. And one knows, these individuals in Iowa who have never done anything, who have never attempted to put somebody on a casting couch. They are like ‘You could save your lectures for someone else.’

Hawn concurred. That’s precisely right. Isn’t it true that a lot of Hollywood has a lot of missions? And one knows, one wants to place one’s name on something one believes in, but it doesn’t matter. And that’s the truth, she said.

How an Early "Casting Couch" Story Affected Goldie Hawn's Career | The Megyn Kelly Show

Goldie Hawn tells the story of Al Capp, a casting couch story from early in her career, and how it affected the rest of her career and life. Watch –

Posted by Megyn Kelly on Friday, 21 January 2022

She remains in her lane, Hawn stated emphatically. The fact is that if one wants to accomplish something, one wants to do it for everyone, not just a specific group or anything. Establishing teams on each side of the aisle adds to the antagonism. Hawn, who has been married to actor Kurt Russell since 1983, went on to say that educating Americans about politics is not an actor’s job: she thinks they entertain. She believes they raise people’s consciousness of their potential to laugh, feel joy, experience it, and grieve. Humans are emotional beings that elicit feelings from others. And in this situation, she believes they’re in service.

That brings all to Rosanna Arquette, who got herself a reality check and a rude awakening after publicly supporting the recall of Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon. As violent crime in Los Angeles continues to rise, a famous left-wing Hollywood actor has joined the drive to recall the county’s far-left, Soros-backed district attorney, George Gascon, Breitbart reported.

Arquette, 62, who earned a BAFTA for her performance in Madonna’s film “Desperately Seeking Susan,” tweeted a picture from the “Recall George Gascon” campaign on social media. Arquette shared a screenshot of a post by former Beverly Hills mayor Lili Bosse on Instagram. “I’m in,” Bosse wrote. “Recall District Attorney George Gascon.” “2022: The Year We Remember George Gascon,” said the text shown beneath a portrait of Gascon next to a graphic.

Arquette’s tweet was met with silence. Despite the fact that the Emmy-nominated actress has a Twitter following of 224,000, the “recall George Gascon” post earned just 20 “likes.” Remembering Gascon is not a cause supported by the Hollywood crowd, nor is it one supported by Arquette’s fans. With killings in Los Angeles at their highest in 15 years, Arquette and other Southern Californians regard remembering the “soft on crime” Gascon as common sense.

At the 2020 Golden Globe Awards, comedian Ricky Gervais delivered a notable tongue-lashing to stars for preaching to the public, particularly on matters they have little knowledge of. So, if one wins an award tonight, don’t use it to make a political statement, Gervais advised the star-studded Hollywood crowd. One has no right to address the public on anything. One has no knowledge of the actual world. Greta Thunberg spent less time in school than the majority of us. So, if one wins, please come up and take your small reward. Thank one’s agent and God, and then just leave.

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