Couple Found Dead In Apparent Murder-Suicide After Finding Out They Both Had Cancer

A husband and wife were killed in a murder-suicide, according to officials.

On Tuesday, the husband and wife from Minnesota were discovered dead inside their house. They were both fighting cancer, as per authorities. However, photos released on their combined social media lately show them to be quite in love and content.

However, what we see on social media is hardly the complete picture.

On Tuesday morning, Becker County Sheriff’s Office deputies were dispatched to a Detroit Lakes residence. They discovered the remains of Steven Alton Stearns, 45, and his wife, Stacy Lynn Stearns, 49, inside. They also discovered the remains of their two pets.

The medical examiner deemed Stacy’s death a homicide, while Steven’s was considered a suicide, according to the sheriff’s office. The murder-suicide is stunning since they appeared to be the perfect pair. But they were going through a rough patch and had supposedly decided to end their life together as a result.

Steven had severe lung cancer, while Stacy had stomach cancer.

They left an alarming note on Facebook before their bodies were found. To their loved ones, it said. They made the decision to depart this life as they knew it. Together and in love. The sole regret is the pain they have caused their loved ones. Remember the joy and laughing. They adore all. Goodbye.

On Facebook, the pair routinely shared cheerful photos. They just celebrated their 21st wedding anniversary. Pictures indicate them having fun with one another while dancing, hugging, and playing with their pets.

They had apparently told one of their friends about their plans. Tammy Lawrence stated that Steven had told her about his plans. He made her pledge not to say anything to anyone, she said, according to The Forum. Stacy didn’t want him to inform her, but he said he can’t look her in the eyes and lie to her anymore, and someone needs to be able to explain why they’re doing what they’re doing.

They wanted to travel with their pets, she continued.

May both the souls rest in peace.

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