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Dan Bongino On Jim Caviezel’s ‘Mic-Drop Moment’ About Good Versus Evil In America

Dan Bongino isn’t usually left dumbfounded, but that’s precisely what occurred when he heard Jim Caviezel’s emotional reaction to anchor Pete Hegseth’s questioning. Bongino, whose Saturday night show has grown in popularity, has 4.9 million Facebook fans.

The former Secret Service agent was so moved by Caviezel’s spontaneous statement that he introduced it to his Facebook followers with his own personal sentiments. About three-quarters of the way through the conversation, Pete Hegseth questioned Jim Caviezel about a famous Ronald Reagan speech: ‘A Time for Choosing,’ Bongino stated. And Caviezel gave one of the most powerful replies he’s heard on TV in a long time, and he is getting chills just talking about it.

After seeing the video, Bongino described how he and his wife responded. Paula and he were sitting in their kitchen, preparing for their kids, and they simply stared at each other, recalled the radio personality. Like, he couldn’t have stated it better in a speech if he hadn’t spent six months planning it. This struggle is coming for all folks. Bongino is alluding to America’s struggle between good and evil, and how it relates to Caviezel’s “mic drop” moment.

What can Americans learn from Ronald Reagan, and what are their feelings on it right now? Pete Hegseth enquired of Jim Caviezel. Let’s clear the air, the actor started. There is no debate between peace and war, but there is only one certain way to have peace – and it may be had in the next second – surrender. The Thin Red Line actor then went on to discuss the issue by surrendering.

Evidently, there is a danger in any road one choose other than this, yet history teaches one that appeasement is the larger risk, Caviezel added. And this is the specter that one’s well-meaning liberal friends refuse to confront: that their strategy of tolerance is appeasement, and it leaves one with no option between peace and war, either fight or surrender. If one continue to comply, to back down and withdraw, one will finally have to confront the ultimate demand, the final deadline, and what then

The Count of Monte Cristo hero resumed his spontaneous statement. When the Devil tells the inhabitants of this planet that he understands what one’s response will be, Caviezel stated. He has informed all that one is withdrawing under the weight of his cold war, and that eventually, when the time comes to give his last deadline, the surrender will be willingly since, one see, by then one will be so crippled from within spiritually, morally, and economically, he said. He thinks this because he’s heard voices on ones side calling for peace at whatever cost or ‘better Red than dead,’ or, as one pundit put it, he’d rather ‘live on his knees than die on his feet,’ and therein lays the route to war since these voices don’t speak for the rest of all.

One understands and does not think that life is so precious or serenity so beautiful that it must be paid with shackles and enslavement, Caviezel added. If there is nothing worth dying for in life, when did this begin – merely in the face of this enemy? Should Moses have advised the Israelites to live as slaves under the Pharaohs? Should Christ have turned down the cross? Should the Concord Bridge patriots have declined to fire the shot heard around the world?

Caviezel continued, dismissing Christian skeptics. History’s martyrs were not idiots, and the dear dead, who gave their life to stop the Nazi advance, did not die in vain, Caviezel asserted. Where, therefore, is the path to peace? After all, it’s an easy response. One has the guts to warn one’s adversaries, ‘There is a price we will not pay.’ There is a limit beyond which evil cannot progress. In Reagan’s words, bad is impotent if the virtuous are fearless.

Russell LeCompte, a Facebook user, commented on the video. “Wow. That was fantastic.” His bright and pure spirit was more than motivating, and he was immediately fired up. “That answer has the potential to, and most likely has, transformed lives,” he wrote.

Others concurred. “Oh my God, he is totally right on,” said Barbara Allen Krick on Facebook. “We cannot allow evil to triumph; we must remain strong!” Thank you, Jim Caviezel, for reminding us. “May God bless you!”

Ronald Reagan also spoke about the war between good and evil. He’ve spent the most of his life as a Democrat,” Regan explained. He recently decided to choose a different path. He thinks that the difficulties one faces transcend partisan boundaries. One has a date with destiny. One will safeguard for one’s descendants this, man’s last best chance on Earth, or one will condemn them to a thousand years of darkness. This “choice time” is something one cannot avoid. Americans of faith have been called upon throughout one great nation’s history to pray so that one do not lose what the Founding Fathers battled so hard for — freedom from discrimination and liberty for everyone.

Jim Caviezel's Response to America's Crisis Is So POWERFUL

This is one of the most powerful things I've seen on TV in a LONG time.

Posted by Dan Bongino on Monday, 21 September 2020

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