Woman left ‘really uncomfortable’ after pal asks to split cost of $92 takeaway

While going out to dinner with pals is usually enjoyable, many will likely encounter a stumbling block when it comes time to pay – and eventually, what they should do with the money. Many diners dispute whether to split the bill equally or pay the full amount for their share of the food and drinks they drank. You’d think this would be true for individuals ordering takeout from the comfort of their own home, right? Surprisingly, a mother was taken aback after visiting a friend’s home, and she was left feeling “very unpleasant” when her friend asked her to share the bill for a hefty $92 Chinese takeaway. Read the story and what would you have done in such a situation.

Source: Mumsnet

I visited my friend’s home recently with my 12 year old and she has 3 kids herself and lives in a very nice large home( just for information).I took some gifts for them then early evening she said there was a great Chinese nearby and should we order a takeaway?

Great idea. I ordered a few dishes for me and my daughter and she ordered 5 dishes for her and her 3 children.

She then said that’s $92 and just give her $45.

I was speechless as we were guests in her home and she invited us for dinner and I was scrambling through my purse as I had my cards on me and only just had enough cash to give her.

I would never do that to a guest in my home and I felt really uncomfortable afterwards.

Just wondered what you think as it’s been bugging me.

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